4000th client - Fibre Argenteuil

November 07 2023


Argenteuil Fibre powered by the MRC d’Argenteuil network: We’ve come a long way to reach our 4,000th customer!


Lachute, November 6th, 2023 – It was with great pride that Fibre Argenteuil and the MRC d’Argenteuil
celebrated their 4,000th customer at a festive event held at the non-profit organization’s office,
in the presence of elected officials and members of their respective staffs. Valérie Charest, a resident of
Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, recently became the 4,000th subscriber to enjoy efficient, high-performance
100% fibre locale.

A road to growth

In December 2020, Fibre Argenteuil connected its first customer. The first two years
of existence have been fraught with challenges, with COVID-19 interfering with operations. Despite the
pandemic and workforce shortage, 2021 ended with 1,201 customers.
The year 2022 was marked by a substantial increase in subscriptions, with the addition of 1,745 customers.
added. Fibre Argenteuil had an impressive total of 2,946 customers at the end of the year

The year 2023 was another year of growth, with 1,331 additional customers joining the network.

At this time, 4,277 MRC residents are customers of Fibre Argenteuil.



A story of perseverance, audacity, leadership and collective success

As the 2010’s approached, many parts of the territory were still without essential
high-speed Internet service, much to the concern of the MRC d’Argenteuil
and the population. For nearly ten years, the MRC multiplied its efforts to the
governments and the country’s major telecommunications companies to extend their
networks so that they could finally reach homes without high-speed Internet service. Faced with the inaction of the major telecoms players,
the MRC, driven by ambition and a sense of duty, took the matter by storm and benefited from financial assistance from the governments of Quebec and Canada.

Motivated by the idea of ensuring high-speed connectivity for the entire Argenteuil population
regardless of where they live, the MRC d’Argenteuil decided to take the plunge and carry out this major project on its own, in a spirit of autonomy, pride and innovation.

The MRC will then create the non-profit organization Fibre Argenteuil in 2018, which will manage and maintain the network,
operations and customer service. Fibre Argenteuil is the result of the MRC’s initiative, and its mission is to facilitate and provide telecommunications services to the many citizens of Argenteuil.

Today, thousands of customers rely on Fibre Argenteuil for their Internet, telephone and television services,
at highly competitive prices. This number of customers, in constant
growth, demonstrates the professionalism and respect of this
100% fibre locale. Fibre Argenteuil employs a dynamic team of 12 people, including
a competent Board of Directors with a wide range of strengths.

Pour la MRC et Fibre Argenteuil, l’innovation passe par la connexion. 4 000 clients plus tard, les deux
organisations sont fières de croire qu’elles ont réussi, ensemble, à favoriser cette connexion, tant
humaine que technologique.

Mise à jour du déploiement
En date du 6 novembre 2023, l’accès aux services d’Internet haute vitesse est rendu disponible à près
de 7 700 foyers, ce qui représente 91 % des 8 500 foyers que la MRC d’Argenteuil s’est engagée à
Pour obtenir plus d’information sur les services de Fibre Argenteuil ou pour s’y abonner, les citoyens
peuvent visiter le fibreargenteuil.ca pour y découvrir les forfaits

Sources : MRC d’Argenteuil et Fibre Argenteuil inc.

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