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December 08 2022



Lachute, November 25th 2022


Subject: Rate adjustment notice



Beginning on January 28, 2023, Fibre Argenteuil will be adjusting the rate of his services, for both the residential and business sectors¹.

During its first two years of existence, Fibre Argenteuil has made every effort to maintain its package cost at the best market price in the region.

However, due to the sharp increase in operating costs, such as fuel, labor and insurance, we have no choice but to increase the prices of our various packages.

Despite this adjustment, Fibre Argenteuil is still a leader in his field, offering low cost service in the region. In comparison, satellite solutions start at $100 or $140 depending on the provider. At this price, at Fibre Argenteuil, you can get a Standard Trio or an Ultimate Trio!

We are the only telecommunication company in your area that offers fiber optics connected to your home. We are also the only company that offers 3 services: high speed internet, television service and telephony.


Improvement of our offer

We would also like to inform you that in the spring of 2023, we will improve our Internet service. We will be offering residential packages with download speeds of over 100 Mbps.

Keep an eye on our social media, for the announcement of the new Internet packages in 2023!


Sports Fans

Sports fans will be happy to know that we have been able to secure price reductions for some channels. As of January 28, 2023, if you subscribe to Sportsnet or Sportsnet 360 and have a minimum of 5 à la carte channels on your subscription, you may benefit from an attractive price reduction:

Sportsnet will be offered at a monthly rate² ³of $8 instead of $15;

Sportsnet 360 will be offered at a monthly rate² ³of $4 instead of $8;


Another benefit of Fibre Argenteuil is that, compared to the competition, you do not have to contact us to enjoy this price reduction. If one of these channels are part of your subscription and you have a minimum of 5 channels, we will automatically apply the discount to your account!

If you need more information on the rate adjustment or on the price reduction of the sports channels, do not hesitate to contact our customer service at 450-409-2012.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support.



The Fibre Argenteuil team



New pricing chart for the residential customers 2023


Description du forfait Nouveau tarif mensuel 2
Fibre standard (50 Mbit) 55,99$
Fibre ultime (100 Mbit) 72,99$
Combo Internet et Téléphonie Standard 70,99$
Combo Internet et Télévision Standard 76,99$
Combo Internet et Téléphonie Ultime 89,99$
Combo Internet et Télévision Ultime 117,99$
Trio standard 92,99$
Trio ultime 137,99$

New pricing chart for the business customers 2023


Description du forfait Nouveau tarif mensuel 2
Fibre Affaire 100 sans contrat 106.95$
Fibre Affaire 100 contrat 12 mois 101.95$
Fibre Affaire 100 contrat 24 mois 95,95$
Fibre Affaire 100 contrat 36 ou 60 mois 85,95$
Fibre Affaire 200 sans contrat 133,95$
Fibre Affaire 200 contrat 12 mois 122,95$
Fibre Affaire 200 contrat 24 mois 111,95$
Fibre Affaire 200 contrat 36 ou 60 mois 101,95$
Fibre Affaire 400 sans contrat 212,95$
Fibre Affaire 400 contrat 12 mois 196,95$
Fibre Affaire 400 contrat 24 mois 180,95$
Fibre Affaire 400 contrat 36 ou 60 mois 164,95$
Téléphonie Affaire Standard sans contrat 37,95$
Téléphonie Affaire Standard contrat 12 mois 35,95$
Téléphonie Affaire Standard contrat 24 mois 32,95$
Téléphonie Affaire Standard contrat 36 ou 60 mois 30,95$
Téléphonie Affaire Ultime sans contrat 53,95$
Téléphonie Affaire Ultime contrat 12 mois 50,95$
Téléphonie Affaire Ultime contrat 24 mois 48,95$
Téléphonie Affaire Ultime contrat 36 ou 60 mois 43,95$


1 Applicable only for Business customers without contract, contract renewals and new contracts

2 Promotional rate applicable only with a subscription including a minimum of 5 individual channels

3 taxes not included

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