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November 02 2020

The MRC d’Argenteuil and Fibre Argenteuil Inc. forced to postpone high-speed Internet connection due to a lack of access permits for support structures

Lachute, October 30, 2020 – The MRC d’Argenteuil and Fibre Argenteuil Inc. regret to announce that they have no other alternative but to revise the dates initially set for the high-speed Internet connection of residences included in the fibre optic deployment project currently underway. Although some permits for access to support structures have been issued, they do not allow connectivity to residences and the short distance covered by the permits obtained does not justify the full mobilization of the teams that will be building the network. As a result, the completion date for each deployment phase has been delayed by two to three months.


The new completion dates for each of the fibre optic deployment phases are as follows:

  • Phase #1 – December 2020
  • Phase #2 – Spring 2021
  • Phase #3 – Summer 2021
  • Phase #4 – Fall 2021
  • Phase #5 – December 2021
  • Phase #6 – Summer 2021
  • Curran Lake project – December 2020
  • Dunany project – Summer 2021

The MRC d’Argenteuil online mapping platform and the Fibre Argenteuil website will reflect this new information in the coming days.


Coordination committee set up by the Québec government – A ray of hope

Since the establishment of a coordination committee by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation with Hydro-Québec and Bell Canada, the MRC d’Argenteuil has noted progress in terms of issuing permits for access to support structures. The objective of this committee is to accelerate the processing of requests for access to telecommunications support infrastructures for the deployment of high-speed Internet, an essential service.

Following meetings held since August with representatives of the MRC d’Argenteuil, Fibre Argenteuil, Hydro-Québec and Bell Canada, a few contentious situations are expected to be resolved shortly; authorizations will likely be granted to allow the construction of fibre optics on several structures, and the state-owned Hydro-Québec will allow the installation of cables and intends to proceed with the required work on the structures at a later date.

It should be noted that despite these advances, the MRC d’Argenteuil is still awaiting tangible results and continues to lobby the governments of Canada and Québec to make them aware of the many obstacles and constraints related to access to these structures.


Subscriptions are open at Fibre Argenteuil – Despite a few setbacks, high-speed Internet access has never been so accessible!

On October 15, Fibre Argenteuil Inc. opened its subscriptions for high-speed Internet, telephone and television services.

Customers who sign up now for a COMBO or TRIO package from Fibre Argenteuil will benefit from free basic installation. In addition, the fiber optic cable going from the pole to the residence will be installed very quickly. These subscribers will receive priority treatment when the time comes to connect equipment inside the home, such as the Wi-Fi router.

As Fibre Argenteuil deploys the network for each phase, it will prioritize customers whose first phase of installation is already completed.

For more information or to subscribe, visit the Fibre Argenteuil website where you can discover their different packages:



Source: MRC d’Argenteuil and Fibre Argenteuil

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